E360XD Water Cannon -Manual Nozzle

E360XD Water Cannon -Manual Nozzle

E360XD Electric Water Cannon - Electric Nozzle


E360XD Extreme Duty Water Cannon (Kit)

Introducing the revolutionary E360XD from T-Rex. The E360XD has been designed from the ground up to offer unmatched reliability and durability, simple yet powerful controls and, features not found on other systems.

Designed and manufactured in  Australia, the E360XD has been developed for the uniquely harsh environments found in Australia. 


  • Up to 360 Degrees of horizontal movement
  • Up to 150 Degrees of vertical movement
  • Maintenance-free lifetime lubricated swivels
  • Compact, low profile design
  • 65mm (2.5 inch) ID waterway
  • Speed control on all axis
  • Stainless steel 316 bearing element
  • Hardened bearing and sealing surfaces
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Body The advantages of the E360XD Water Cannon Proportional Speed Control The E360XD comes standard with proportional speed control. This provides unmatched control by varying the speed of movement based on how far the joystick is pushed. Multivolt The X360XD is designed to operate on a wide voltage range of 12-28 Volt. The system also has over and under-voltage protection and reverse polarity protection. Integrated Valve Control Support for controlling a butterfly valve is built-in. The cannon has a Hershman plug that connects directly to a Namur valve that will mount directly to a butterfly valve actuator. Alternatively, you can set the system to drive an electric butterfly valve which is great for applications where air is unavailable. Maintenance Free Swivels A long-life synthetic lubricant is applied during assembly that will keep the E360XD operating for years. Over the years, we have found that over greasing of water cannons cause many problems and reduce seal and motor life. Easy Installation The E360XD is provided as a plug and play kit. Mount the cannon to a flange, mount the joystick in the cab and connect the loom between. Long, trouble-free life Our innovative swivel design uses low friction rotary seals that last for years and a direct meshing rotary drive that is lifetime lubricated. Direct drive swivels will provide years of trouble-free operation. Adjustable Limit Positions Easily customise the travel range of the X360XD to suit your applications. You can adjust travel limits in 45-degree increments.
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