Our range of pneumatic and automation products are used by all types of manufacturing industries.

Pneumatic systems and products are most frequently used by the glass manufacturing, timber processing, transport, plastics, packaging, food and beverage industries. Our extensive experience, superior product and access to a diversity of brands will ensure that we can supply suitable solutions, quickly and efficiently for your specific industry. Improve productivity, save on energy costs, minimise wastage, improve your onsite safety systems, reduce labour and maintenance costs and benefit from our proven and reliable quality products.

Our Custom Assembly service also provides manufacturers with the opportunity for having the most reliable and effective pneumatic system for your business.

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We offer a range of pneumatic systems tailor made to suit the demanding applications of the glass manufacturing industry. Improve production, gain larger yields, extend the longevity of your equipment, increase accuracy and explore cooling applications for high temperatures.



Pneumatic solutions are prominent within the timber industry where automation and pneumatics are used through the different processing stages. The timber industry presents a number of unique and challenging conditions including a high proportion of dust and variable temperatures.  Automation systems need to be tailored to suit these conditions and to provide consistent, reliable, low maintenance and safe systems.




Leaders in the industry have long been taking advantage of the benefits of pneumatic technology. From improved comfort, reduced transport time, increased safety and durability in extreme environments, we have a solution that will save you time and money.





Packaging is a vast industry with high demand and increasing competition.  As demand for food processing and packaging grows, so too does the need for your business to operate more cost efficiently, at a greater yield and as safely as possible.




We understand that in the plastics industry, efficiency, safety and productivity are paramount.  We offer a full line of components including cylinders, grippers, slides, actuators; clamps and switches that will ensure your operations run effectively and as required.




Food and Beverage

Pneumatic Solutions Australia provides a range of automation and pneumatic products designed specifically for the food and beverage industry.  Processes such as compacting, aerating, drying and intense cleaning all require reliable and accurate pneumatic systems.





Our range of pneumatic and automated sorting components are designed to ensure your system works to the highest levels of accuracy and functionality. From automatic sorting systems to dust control, ventilation to monitoring systems, Pneumatic Solutions Australia can recommend the best products to improve response time and accuracy.